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At AssignmentEssayHelp, we have a strong team of certified CFA experts who take up assignments for you, when it comes to Accounting  Assignment Help and Finance Assignment Help services.   Most of our experts are graduates from renowned universities across the globe. We also make it a mandate for our finance experts to get certified with reputed finance certifications. In addition to this, they have relevant industry experience which gives that extra edge to your assignment solutions. You can get specialized services from our academic experts for assignment writing, thesis writing, report writing, case-study, and dissertation writing in the field of Accounting & Finance.

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Accounting and Finance Assignment Help Services

Providing quality assistance for completing different types of accounting assignment is one of the acclaimed services we,, offer academic assistance for assignment writing, thesis writing, and essay writing in all the accounting discipline is available at our end. Accounting is a very professional as well as a specialized field of study, so often students are faced with various types of challenges while pursuing a course of accounting in the USA.

We have an esteemed team of experts who have extensive industry experience and are also highly qualified for providing excellent academic assistance. We strictly adhere to the academic standard, among which producing plagiarism free unique content is one of our main priorities. We understand the importance of deadline for any course in the USA, and our experts always deliver well within the deadline.

Our team is also very efficient in terms of conducting any form of research necessary for any particular assignment. Our experts are available throughout the day, and always ready to help you in any circumstances. With every assignment, we do provide a free Turnitin report. We gladly entertain rework request for any number of times, until you are completely satisfied with our efforts. Failing to do so, we provide a 100 % money back guarantee. So, don’t hesitate at all, just leave any of your accounting assignments to us and shade all your academic worries.

Studying Finance / Accounting in USA

Due to the steady demand of accounting professionals in various industries, universities in the US experience steady influx of domestic as well international students in various accounting courses. It is recommended that for a successful career in actuarial science, you should begin with an undergraduate degree with a major in finance or accounting. Mostly in the United States of America, after completion of an undergraduate in accounting students prefer to go for CPA, instead of a MS, as a CPA is largely preferred in the job market. However, for an in-depth understanding of accounting and for getting high profile jobs it is better to pursue a MS which is well crafted for a specific discipline in the industry.

Our team have been proudly associated with numerous students from most of the top universities in accounting related courses in the US and have successfully helped them in completing various accounting related assignments, case-study, essays, and dissertations. A few of those top accounting universities along with the courses offered by them are listed below.

  • BS & MS in Finance, BS & MS in Accounting, Kaplan University.
  • MBA in Financial Management.
  • MS in Accountancy, Bentley University.
  • BA, MA Accounting, USC university of Southern California.
  • MSA, Boston College.
  • MSA, New York University.
  • MS Accounting, University of Verginia.
  • Doctoral Program in Accounting, The University of Texas.
  • Master of Accounting, University of Michigan Ross.

Accounting Course Overview in USA

For a successful career in accounting in the USA, it is recommended that you pursue your undergraduate degree with majors in accounting. In the first two years of the undergraduate you can expect to take core courses in business, accounting, finance and mathematics, Financial Accounting and Managerial Accounting.

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Except the core courses, you have to choose some electives, generally directed to extend your knowledge outside the field of accounting. Some of the most preferred and widely offered electives are: Cost and Quality Management, Auditing, and Federal Tax Procedure. Some accounting programs may require undergraduates to take some advanced accounting course as well. Like other undergraduate, undergraduate programs in accounting is about 4 years, however, sometime students prefer to complete it in five years by taking a break in between to do some internship.

After your undergraduate you can go for MS in accounting for an in-depth expertise in the field of accounting. Generally, it is a program of 15-18 months depending the university. In a MS, you can expect to find courses like: cost accounting, corporate finance, Financial Accounting (I, II, III), Auditing, Advanced topic in financial engineering, financial management, etc. After undergraduate, instead of a MS some students prefer for a CPA. You need extensive preparation to get become a Certified Public Accountant. This certification is highly valued in the job market, and naturally quite competitive.

Ways of Getting Good Scores in Your Finance Assignments

The nature of some finance courses is that you have to be factually accurate as most of the assignments are based on some financial data or evidence. In most of the finance courses at reputed universities in US, students have to complete several take-home assignments to earn a fraction of the credits for the course. For every finance assignment you buy from us, our experts keep the following points in their mind, while getting on with the task of completing your assignment in finance for you. Students who seek finance assignment help can also follow the same approach to prepare their paper before submitting it for grading.

  • Before you start drafting the assignment, you should be completely clear about what is the type of the document you are asked to prepare. As in accounting, there are different types of documents like: Memo, client letter, opinion letter, analysis essay, research paper, etc.
  • One should check for the detailed calculations required in the assignment and it is a safe practice to capture these step-by-step calculations in the appendix at the end of the finance paper.
  • Pay some extra attention to decide on how to structure the paragraphs of your assignments
  • It is highly important that you tailor your document as according to the need of your audience.
  • One must focus on the analysis and evaluation of the figures achieved after calculations and their interpretations based on the specific scenario. This should always cover more than 70% of your solution.
  • Make use of graphic information adequately as well as judiciously. These graphs can be devised from reliable sources or from the excel based calculations carried out by you.
  • Assignments in accounting generally need you to move beyond just presenting a summary of information to analyze and evaluate a scenario or some data. The analysis should always be directed towards reaching at some definite conclusion and that process should be based on carefully collected evidence.
  • Whenever possible, cite sources from articles of scholarly peer-reviewed journal in standard format. Don’t hesitate to use adequate amount finance jargon to showcase your knowledge of the subject.

Leave Your Assignment worries to our Accounting / Finance Experts

Both finance & accounting belong to the world of numbers, which makes it a very specialized field of study and have very strict standards for completing assignments. Mostly, in accounting assignments you are expected to be able to analyze large amount of data set properly and to be able to deliver a detailed summary of that analysis, so that it can add the subsequent managerial process.

Whenever you are not completely confident of about your ability to carry out financial analysis for your coursework, it is always better to seek help from the finance academic experts. would be really happy to help you get a ghost writer for your assignments in finance & accounting courses. This will help you to buy assignment solution in line with your marking rubric and get a Turnitin plagiarism report free with each order.

Our experts are highly capable of creating solutions for finance assignments by citing enough sources from scholarly articles. By meticulously following the referencing standard, we are confident of delivering completely plagiarism free content. If you are not happy with our effort, don’t worry as we never turn down any rework request. And our experts are available round the clock for accommodating any urgent help from your end. We also provide 100% money back guarantee if you are not entirely happy with our effort, and want to retrieve back your order. So, don’t waste any time in thinking, just let us help you out in your accounting assignment and experience the peace of mind in successfully finishing any accounting course on time & every time.


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