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List of Architecture Courses in USA

Architecture is a deep subject, if studied with full concentration and enthusiasm it can open up varied career options. For Example one can become an architect, an architectural technologist or an interior designer if he/she is from architecture background, and the list doesn’t end here, there are many more options to go with.

The top universities of the USA offer several courses in the field of architecture which can be listed as:

  • M.Arch.I-414 Major Building Design Studio (University of California, Los Angeles)
  • Introduction to Architectural Design and Visual Culture (Columbia University)
  • Design Studies Distributional Electives (Harvard University)
  • ARC 206-Geometry and Architectural Representation (Princeton University)
  • Master of Science in Architecture Studies (Massachusetts Institute Of Technology)
  • PhD Architectural Research (University Of Pennsylvania)
  • Master of Architecture (Yale University)

Architecture Course Curriculum

The course curriculum for architecture designed by various top universities of the USA is done in such a manner that the course provides a very good training platform in historiography and historical study of architecture. It focuses on imparting a sound technical knowledge and awareness of the role of architecture around the world, and an understanding of architectural practices. The program gives a unique blend of professional knowledge and historical analysis. It focuses on what is required in the  current scenario and teaches the students how to tackle the issues which occur in current scenarios.

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The research course curriculums are designed in a way that the applicants can handle research programs independently. The students are required to complete their research in the four academic years under the guidance of their expert faculty. The masters course is outlined in a manner that it can cover up three major contents which are, area of knowledge concentration, core requirements and a supreme degree project. The students can choose various streams ranging from studio art, architecture, art history, landscape architecture and regional planning, building materials and wood technology, computer science and management, environmental sciences, environmental engineering, civil engineering and public history. In core requirements, students are taught about studio, technical, history and theory and then there is practice. In studio courses, studio analysis and representation are the major topics which are covered in the course curriculum. The technical courses comprise of topics such as tectonics, building physics and architectural integration, students are taught in depth about the three of them.

In U.S, the only agency authorised to accredit architecture degrees is The National Architectural Accredit Board (NAAB). NAAB recognizes three types of degrees, which includes Bachelor Of Architecture, Master Of Architecture and the Doctor Of Architecture.

How to get a good grade in your Architecture Assignments?

Getting good grades is a very desirable thing for every student. Everyone wants to see a good grade on their report cards and mark sheets. Sometimes, even after doing a lot of hard work we do not achieve the desired grades, to help you with this, our experts have some very useful tips, which if kept in mind can be of great help.

  • Attend workshops regularly and never miss them, in architecture the workshops are very very important.
  • Drawing is a major part in architecture, so draw lots and lots with hands to improve your skills.
  • For making your project models use sharp scalpel blades only, this way your model will be made more accurate.
  • Maintain a timetable, so you could manage your theory as well as your studio works easily and efficiently.
  • Make a habit of reading good architecture journals, these will help you understand the connection between architecture and the world and will also help you in generating new ideas.
  • Listen to your lecture very attentively and ask as many doubts and confusions you have at the time of the lecture and make the most of your time.
  • Try to become familiar with different cultures, traditions and landscapes near you.
  • While building your model try to make it as clean as possible and also remember that the precision of the model is also very important.
  • Be patient and always plan out what drawing you are going to make before starting it.
  • Correct Knowledge of tools plays a very vital role, you should know which tool to use when while making your models.
  • Once the model is done, presenting it in the best way possible can turn the game, so prepare your presentation thoroughly.

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