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At AssignmentEssayHelp, you can trust our Art and Design Assignment Help Services for your university assignments. Our Art and Design Experts are from the finest universities in the United States and worked with some of the established Design firms across the globe.  You can get specialized services from our PhD experts in assignment writing, thesis writing, report writing, case-study, and dissertation writing.

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Offering high quality academic assistance for any art and design related assignments is one of the most popular services of over the last a few years. The assistance is given to art and design students to write essays, thesis, dissertation, reports, etc. Art and design have always been a highly demanded field of study in the US. Moreover, with the digital revolutions, computer animation, 3D design related courses have gained rapid popularity in last a few decades or so.

Our dedicated team of experts in this field is exceptionally competent to meet all your needs of an art and design course in the US, whether it be at undergraduate or graduate level. One of our primary values for delivering assignments is to follow academic standards, especially for referring other scholarly work. Thus we guarantee of providing plagiarism free content, delivered always well within the deadline specified by you. With every assignment order, we provide a free Turnitin report to cut down the hassle of generating it on your own. We never turn down any rework request until you are completely satisfied and otherwise we provide a 100% money back guarantee. So don’t waste any time, just leave your art & design assignments to us and let us assist you reach success.

Studying Art & design in the USA

If you have a passion to design and create, then the United States can offer you some excellent fine arts and design programs, some of the best in the world. In spite of the difference one may encounter in Artistic people from various countries or cultures, the common instinct that is fundamental to all of them is the desire to create. This desire begins in their imagination, but their tools for design can differ dramatically. While a painter uses brushes and paint, a digital animator uses computers and advanced software.

The USA is at the forefront of the digital arts revolution. Hence, you can quite easily find a wide variety of arts programs to suit your interests in many regions of the United States. Our team of experts have been consistently associated with many students from most of the top universities in art & design related course in the country. Some of those top universities are listed in the following along with the courses they offer in this field.

  • BA in art & design, BFA, MFA, and MDes, Stamps School of Art & Design.
  • BFA, MA, MS, and MFA, The New School, Parsons.
  • BA, MFA, Yale University School of Art.
  • BFA, MFA, MDes, and MLA, Rhode Island School of Design.
  • BA, BFA, MA, MFA, School of Art Institute of Chicago.
  • BFA, MFA, MA, DMA, California Institute of the Arts.

Art & Design Course Overview

If you feel that you have an immense amount of creativity that needs an avenue to come out then go for some specialized art & design courses from your undergraduate level. The most common undergraduate courses in art & design available in the USA are: BA in art & design, and Bachelors of Fine Arts or BFA. Both the BA and BFA programs are of 4 years, like most of other undergraduate courses in the US. In BA, courses are broadly divided under studio courses, and non-studio courses as shown in the following diagram.

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In the first year, foundation studio courses, like drawing I & II, Studio: 2D, 3D, & 4D, are offered and in the rest of the program you need to choose from various elective studio courses. Otherwise, courses such as Art & design in context, art & design in history, intersections, etc. are offered as part of non-studio courses.

The basic structure of a BFA program is quite similar to a BA as per the following diagram, the only difference is the integrative project one needs to undertake in the fourth year as part of studio electives.

Art and Design courses 356 × 314

After your BA or BFA, you can either pursue an MA or an MFA in studios depending on your interests.

The way to get Good Scores in Your  Art & Design Assignments

Most of the assignments in art & design courses must be approached with the optimum mix of creativity and rigour. Throughout various art & design courses, especially for non-studio courses, students have to complete several assignments. Make a note of the following points before you begin the task of completing any assignments in art & design.

  • At first you should pay utmost attention to clearly understand what kind of document you are asked to prepare in the assignments. If you make a mistake at this fundamental step, then your entire effort might go in vain. In this process, always keep in your mind who are the prospective audience of the assignments you are writing.
  • It is never easy to capture any creative idea in your mind in a written document. So to organize your thoughts by jotting down all rather scattered ideas, try to create a mind map.
  • It is important that you know how to make use of graphic information adequately as well as judiciously.
  • Wherever you feel necessary don’t hesitate in citing sources from articles of scholarly journals in the standard format. Use adequate amount art & design jargons to showcase your knowledge of the subject.

Leave Your Art & Design Assignment worries to the Experts

There is a wide misconception among students that art & design related courses are not very rigorous and one needs not to work really hard for completing such courses. This conception is absolutely wrong and you have to undergo many assignments in any art & design related courses. Most of those assignments will not only challenge your creative abilities, these will also test your organizing capabilities. So, if you have even a slight amount of doubt in your abilities, then it is highly recommended to depend on some expert help, until you gain complete confidence. would be really glad to help you regarding your assignments in art & design courses. Our experts minutely follow the academic standards and thus we always be able to deliver 100% plagiarism free content. Our experts are available 24×7 to help you out with any urgent need that might very easily pop up in some unforeseen circumstances. We try our best to satisfy you by accommodating multiple rework requests, in cases where we are unable to do so, we return the amount you paid for the assignments. So leave your assignments woes to us and pave your way to success with our experts.

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