Grammar Guide For Students

Mary JonesMary Jones is the co-founder & editor-in-chief at TopMyGrades and focused on Content Marketing Strategy for many clients from Education industry in US, Canada & UK. Mary has conducted a series of webinars for  Assignment Essay Help. She has intensive content editing experience and, also has worked with MSNBC, NewsCred & Scripted. She has also authored[…]


The Technology behind a Plagiarism Checking Software

The availability of the writings of various authors has increased instances of plagiarized text. To estimate the authenticity of the work the writing is cross-verified across previous writings. Plagiarism check is a process which scans the complete writing. Plagiarism Plagiarism is a factor which creates the line between the genuine work & copied work of[…]

How to find student part-time jobs in USA?

International students are often on the look-out for part-time jobs to help support their expenses. The trend of working for a few hours a week along with pursuing education is becoming increasingly popular. This article has all the information that you need while looking for a part-time job in USA. 9 points to remember with[…]

Ultimate Guide to Write an Academic Blog

Academic blogging is gaining popularity among academics, who now use it effectively to communicate their research to a larger target audience. Blogs encourage public engagement and also enhance the impact of content. This blog aims at imparting useful information on how to write an academic blog, common mistakes to avoid while writing one and also[…]

Bloom’s Taxonomy Demystified to help University Students

Bloom’s Taxonomy Demystified There are several ways in which Universities try to enhance the thought processes of students. A simple way to do the same is by asking them to think beyond the imaginable. This leads to a stimulation of their thoughts and encourages mental growth. Varied questions are needed in order to acquire different[…]