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Highly qualified experts of AssignmentEssayHelp are providing economics assignment writing services for each one of you out there! If you are troubled by the amount of assignments given by your teachers on a daily basis and need a helping hand, then you are on the right page! Our experts are efficient in doing all sorts of economics assignments. You name it, and we will do it. Whether you want to write an essay on macroeconomics or you have to write a dissertation on microeconomics, we can help you with all.

Our experts are also very helpful when you are struck in middle of some topic which you are not able to understand, at that very moment you can seek help from our experts and clear your doubts.

List of Economics Courses in USA

Business, banking, finance, law, healthcare, marketing, retail, etc., there are many fields in which you can plan your career if you are from economics background. It opens up a number of opportunities for a good and reliable career option. Top universities of the USA offer several graduate and post graduate courses which can be taken up. They can be listed as:

  • Microeconomic Theory and Public Policy (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
  • MS Macroeconomics (Levy Economics Institute of Bard College)
  • Master of Arts in Economics (Stanford University)
  • Master in International and Developmental Economics (Yale University)
  • Ph.D in economics (University Of California-Berkeley)
  • Economics Ph.D Program (Cornell University)
  • MA program in Economics and Ph.D in Economics (New York University)
  • MBA with Managerial Economics course (Babson College)
  • Master In Economics (Duke University)
  • Master of Science in Economics (Texas A&M University)

Economics Course Curriculum

The course curriculum for economics is designed  in such a way that the course serves the purpose of being efficient enough to provide students with a good job and also provide them a thorough knowledge of the subject.

The master course pattern is formulated in a manner that students get a deeper knowledge in applied economics and advanced economics and they are able to analyze their skills in the subject. Masters degree in economics requires that the student should have been graduated with decent marks in economics. It’s a course of minimum three semesters, there are five elective and five core courses and a research project to be completed in this program. The main core courses can be listed as mathematics for economists, microeconomic theory, macroeconomic theory, Econometrics and applied statistics. The main aim of the course is that the students become all rounder and the study is beneficial to them in their career.

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Apart from the masters program, there is a doctorate program, this is a full time course. To opt for a Ph.D program the students should complete their graduation with minimum scores as specified by the university. In this program the students are required to complete their field requirements and coursework and their paperwork. They are then supposed to submit a dissertation or thesis on which they are orally examined. Students should remember that the requirements for masters and doctorate degree are very different from each other, and students aspiring to do Ph.D should opt for Ph.D directly instead of doing masters first and then a doctorate.

How to get a good grade in Economics Assignments?

  • Economics is a subject which has connection with the outer world, so it will be good for you if you watch the news on a regular basis, this way you will be up to date about various things like politics, weather reports and social issues.
  • In economics, graphs are very important, sit and practice graphs, check the connections between x and y axis, try to understand what the graph is trying to demonstrate and analyze its concept.
  • Attend classroom lectures and when your professor is giving the lecture, try to make proper notes, just don’t keep writing whatever he/she says, but note down the important definitions, important facts and figures.
  • Revising your notes is also very important, while revising also try to analyze your notes and keep making corrections if you feel that you noted down something wrong, so that you can correct it before you forget it. Use highlighters to highlight important points.
  • Try to grasp various economic concepts, theories and histories. Have the habit of reading newspapers and magazines. Consult books in the library.
  • Try to prepare yourself before the class, so that when the concepts are being explained in the class, you can grasp is faster.
  • Participating in class is very essential, try to ask questions and even try to answer questions put up by your professor so that you will have lesser confusions.
  • Try solving maximum amount of model test papers and sample papers, this will help you understand the type of questions asked in exams.
  • Choose the correct place for your study, a place which is free from all the disturbances, so that you can maintain your focus.
  • Follow a timetable for managing your study timings.

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