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Our Homework help expert team is one of the busiest team at AssignmentEssayHelp owning to their dedication and crystal clear clarity when it comes to understanding homework requirements. Experience one of the best homework help services with us.

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AssignmentEssayHelp helped me with my Marketing essays during my second year at uni. I was appreciated by my marker for using referencings from journals and writing it in correct format. Thanks AEH

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In the US, both at grad and undergrad levels, the primary focus lies in helping the student develop an independent thinking mind to foster unique ideas. For this reason, in all courses there are lots of importance on homework based assignments. If you have smallest of difficulty in completing any homework, then you can seek quality homework help from our end.

  • is one of the leading providers of best online homework help website in the US.
  • We have some of the most experienced homework helpers in our team of expert writers to provide you the finest of homework help services at an affordable price.

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Why we are the best choice for homework help?

  • Over the internet you may find several homework help websites offering online homework assistance, but you should be clear how to choose the best one for my online homework help.
  • We understand the gravity of plagiarism as an offense in the academic world. Thus, at, we always certify that absolutely plagiarism free homework solutions are delivered to our clients.
  • Our team of expert online homework help writers is exceedingly diverse and that make us an all-rounder in catering to homework requirements of any subjects of all disciplines.Assignment-resource-kit 242 × 303
  • We are always committed to maintain our quality of homework help service. All of our homework writers are mentored under a group of veteran writers. This ensures that all our solutions are appropriate and unique. Once the expert writers submit the solution, it goes to the quality assurance team where it is again checked by homework help experts. Proofreading and editing of the assignment also happens at this stage, so that you can be completely confident about the quality of our deliverables.
  • Access our FREE Assigment resource kit to access various assignment templates.
  • Our writers have years of experience in homework assignment help and thus all the solutions that we deliver strictly follow all the necessary academic standards of building arguments, and citing other scholarly articles for vindicating those.
  • We readily accept rework requests for several times, till you are completely satisfied with our efforts. As the last resort, we provide a 100% money back guarantee as well.

Our homework help service prices are completely affordable and we try to make it more client-friendly by providing regular discounts.

On which subjects we are offering homework help?

Predominantly in the following disciplines, we have an excellent track record of offering online homework writing service as our team has expert writers from all of these subjects.

  • Management: You can seek help from our experts when you are facing difficulty in completing any homework assignment on topics like effective ways of motivating your employee, or how to conduct a market survey.
  • Finance Management
  • Marketing Management
  • Organizational Behavior and Human Resource Management
  • Project Management
  • Entrepreneurial Management
  • Engineering:
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Computer Science Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Automobile Engineering
  • System & Control Engineering
  • Science: When you are supposed to complete a pressing homework assignment on topics like properties of complex salts, or automata theory, you can seek for expert assistance from our end.
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Microbiology
  • Computer Science
  • Biology
  • Architecture
  • Nursing
  • Humanities: If you can’t find your way to complete a homework task on political geography or American Women’s history, you can ask expert help from us.
  • Geography
  • History
  • Philosophy
  • Social Sciences
  • Linguistics
  • Psychology
  • Literature
  • Art & Design
  • Mathematics
  • Law

How to ensure good grades for your homework and assignments?

Pay attention to the following points and if you follow them sincerely, you can be sure of getting A+ grades in all your assignments.

  • Attend Every Class: There is no shortcut of getting good grades than remaining completely updated about what is happening in the class.
  • Be organized:
    • Use a student planner to help you schedule your assignments throughout the week.
    • Work smartly in breaking down large homework into small parts as then these lengthy assignments can be easily managed and completed.
    • Organize and save your work in computer (use Google drive if possible)
  • Effective time management:
    • The secret of effective time management is the sensible distribution of workload so that you don’t have to over extend yourself.
    • Avoid procrastination as that might pile up assignments for you. You should work every day so that your assignments are done within deadlines.
    • Effective time management helps you focus on the quality of your work.
    • Should employ smart prioritization strategies to distribute assignments, often it is good if you work on multiple assignments at different stages (writing, editing, and proofreading) on the same day or week.
  • Take good notes: Note taking is always an important criterion for securing good grades. First of all, good notes help you understand subject matter lucidly. Secondly, this also helps you realize what your professors’ priorities are and often if you can align your assignments to the class notes, then that can help you fetch good grades in them.
  • Always proofread or do cross-proofreading with your peer. A carefully proofread assignments always leave a good impression on your professor’s mind and that mostly reflect in good grades.
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Sample Homework solutions

One of the important part of doing homework is to correctly do 'out-text and in-text referencing', 'researching journals' and 'sticking to assignment requirements'. Check our previously made homework samples to know our quality.

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Note: Some part of the assignment is blurred due to privacy protection clause.


How to place an order ?

Please fill the order form on our ‘Place your order‘ page. You should also upload your assignment guideline documents while filling the form. This will help us give you a realistic quote. If you have more attachments then email us at

What is mid review policy ?

To avoid last minute changes and panic situations, we have a unique mid review policy with assignments which do not have tight deadlines. At around half the deadline time, we send you half made assignment solution for review. You can check half of your solution and let us know if the expert is going in the right direction. After receiving your suggestions/ approval, we go ahead to complete the solution. This way you are saved with any last minute reworks. This is service is 100% FREE.

What if I have rework in the assignment ?

We have a rework policy in place at AEH so that the client is able to get these points rectified for free from our experts. For full satisfaction and understanding of our customers, we have drafted a transparent, detailed process for carrying out the revisions.

1. To avoid any confusion among the orders placed with us, please mention the order reference code at the top of the body of the mail sent to us for rework.
2. To be able to review your paper based on your comments, we must have a clear picture of what needs to be reworked. Please send us a bullet point list of rework details which needs to be carried out.
3. In case the rework details are within the scope of initial assignment instructions shared at the time of placing the order, we will carry them out within 24 hours of receipt of rework request.
4. However, if the revisions are outside the scope of initial assignment instructions, an extra fee might be required and the time needed to deliver it back is likely to increase. We will send a fresh quote to you for the same in such cases.
5. Rework requests will be taken if the client requests rework within 2 days from the time of delivery (applicable to both mid reviews and final assignment draft) to you. We request you to check your inbox at the specified deadlines.
6. The decision of the AEH administrator will be final in case of any dispute.
7. Additional documents sent after the payment is made are subject to the discretion of AEH for acceptance for the same order. As the expert cannot be blamed for not incorporating the inputs not shared at the time of payment so incorporating additional documents into the assignment might lead to a fresh paid rework order.