Linguistics Assignment Questions

Popular Questions for Linguistics Assignments

To help students understand the wide variety of assistance with  Linguistic assignment questions we have successfully delivered in the past, we are showcasing a small sample of University Assessments related to Linguistics.

Q.Write a Linguistics Assignment Research Paper having 1,800 words on the ‘Grammar-Translation’ method of teaching English



Q.How cultural and historical texts change in translation from one language to another (e.g. folk tales, children’s stories, proverbs etc.)



Q.How ‘linguistic landscapes’ may be used as a theoretical lens through which one might analyze and discuss the use of different languages and practices of translation to reveal the status of languages in a multilingual context


Q.Students are required to submit a research report/essay which analyses and presents the main findings on a topic related to Information Systems. This document provides detailed instructions on how to approach the assessment and how essays will be marked.

The literature review should have a purpose related to Information Systems and technology. For example,    rather than just describe, e.g. the use of ERP in Manufacturing, this topic could be used, for example, to examine the impact of ERP on management practices, or on business strategy in manufacturing firms. It usually helps to first pose then answer a question, eg, what are the organizational impacts of ERP on small manufacturing firms? A topic might be chosen for one or more of the following reasons:

  • Key issues in e-commerce, IT evaluation, etc.
  • The impact of outsourcing on organizations
  • ERP post-implementation issues.
  • IT Value Creation
  • The role of IS for sharing and creation of knowledge



Q.Advanced Literature review: You need to write a literature review for your article related to the research project you chose in your first assignment.(ITC713)

Min requirements You need to read 5 journal articles no older than 3 years and 5 conference articles no older than 3 years. Identify seminal literature and provide evidence that at least 2 of them have been read (primary source reading, not what others say about them). It needs to be a critical review that identifies gaps and directions, i.e., not just x said and y said, but taking a position and critically interacting with the literature to argue in favor of the position taken. Use the title of your research project as the title of your assignment, so that the subject coordinator knows which study you are doing.

Your literature review should:

List and address the questions/hypothesis(s) related to your project

Summarize the ideas you reviewed in the literature in chronological and/or logical order to introduce your project

ITC713 201660 W D-1 June 2016-Version 1

  • Position your topic, that is, locates your topic within the existing knowledge and practice Discuss philosophical and theoretical aspects of the project
  • Critically review the literature and Identify gaps in the literature Set the scope of the review
    Demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of the topic.
  • Adopt a clear reporting strategy letting the reader know what you are going to discuss, in what order and where you are in the discussion in terms of your plan
  • Make the review as a story by considering the boring factor of the readers while going to depth
  • Indicate the relevance of the points being made and the relevance (in terms of time of discover and quality) of the references you cited to your topic.

Your literature review should also:

  • List the bibliographic references at the end of your work that correspond to your in-text citations
  • Be written clearly, with well-organised content
  • Use the APA referencing style as recommended by the Faculty of Business.
  • Have a conclusion