How to write a Book Review?

Critically Reviewing a Book The book review is quite a common type of assignment. Book review is focussed piece of writing and generally concentrate on a particular book. It is completely different from literature review or annotated bibliography which include many research papers or citations. Broadly, following two approaches can be adopted to write a book[…]

How to write a Report?

Art of writing an Exclusive Report A report is usually a formal document to provide concise information about a specific subject. Like the structure of business report, and lab report, a report structure is devised in such a way that it provides a clear understanding of the key points about a certain issue. However, you[…]

How to write an Annotated Bibliography?

The Real Purpose of Using Annotated Bibliography Annotated bibliography can be defined as a brief account of available research on a given topic. Although the content of annotated bibliography seems quite similar to the content of a literature review, the former is quite different from the later in its purpose. The main purpose of an[…]

How to write a Literature review?

Critical Literature Review Tips A literature review or review is a critically written piece, analyses the published academic literature in any specific research area or a subject. The Literature review is a well-structured document, help the researcher to engage in some primary contributions of research, by critically examining the major research gaps in it. In case[…]

How to write a Business Report?

Creating a Formal Business Report Business reports are those types of assignments where you are expected to critically analyse a situation, either real life or an imaginary one, through the help of the various business theories to come up with the suggestions for improvement. Hence, the primary purpose of business report can be said similar[…]